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Worldmio ✈️

Creating the travel app and making the journey to the journey enjoyable. 



Worldmio is a mobile and web application, designed to help travelers plan itineraries for their destination by using the knowledge of the common local. Worldmio is aiming to make the world smaller by bringing interaction between destinations closer and human. Because we are small, the process of creation was extremely lean with the focus being to create something innovative, and fun to use.

"Don't just go somewhereβ€”Know where you're going."



Responsibilities upon joining the Worldmio team was to originally only include branding and web design. However, the project shifted focus, as did rolls and responsibilities, and I found myself leading in areas of design involving user experience research, mobile application design, advertisement, and social media market research.



While preparing for its Seed Investment stages for an undisclosed amount, influences from stakeholders resulted in the company relocating headquarters to base out of China, and they continued production there. Unfortunately I decided against continuing off-site work with the team, but I am still proud of the work done and have strong assurance in the teams leadership to see the product through.



Adding innovation

With phones getting bigger, and every other app containing the standard bottom navigation bar, I wanted to incorporate a sense of innovation into Worldmio's mobile app when it came to its navigation. As a vertically motioned "hamburger menu," it is meant to expand and retract the apps header, and expand into the apps navigation when selected.

Floating iPhone Screen.png

Creating a flowing questionnaire

The questionnaire originally stood as a 1-to-15 step process with the user answering every question in concession. In a revamp I suggested, the user is provided with the list of questions, allowing for full control of the amount of detail the user would like to expose for their upcoming trip. Each question adds it's own element of interaction to keep for an interesting fill-out form and strong brand identity.

Floating iPhone Screen Copy.png

Lots of information, itty bitty screen size

The itinerary had one strict rule when creating it's design: Make It Easy.

Each day is to be displayed on a perplex scrolling screen, and expands it's cell once selected to reveal that days plans. One aspect we made sure we expanded on and kept is the ability to allow the user to download their itinerary's information onto the app, which would allow for use of Google Maps without service.
So once downloaded, the user would select an activity, view it's information provided, and then follow on the map how to go to that point from their location.

Floating iPhone Screen Copy 2.png


Worldmio is...

Bold. Creative. Human.
Our presence is integral to our identity, so cohesive branding was key. The service provided was to emote a sense of ingenious and ease (and fun to look at!)



Being relatable through humor

Over the course of creating the company's brand, we unintentionally started referring to travelers using the knowledge of locals as "astronauts," and those left wandering the streets lost on their Maps App as "aliens." This broke into a dark-humor type of advertisement that proved to be popular in testing.

I have worked with him before and he is an excellent designer. Any task he is given, he tackles head first.
— Luiggi Perra, Worldmio Co-Founder &Β COO