Simply a designer designing
in designer shoes.


I'm Demetrios Vallas, a designer based out of New York City. I am passionate about design and creating something awe inspiring. I believe aesthetic can change behavior, memory, and remembrance, so when done right it can be powerful. I’ve learned that design is a team sport that is given the responsibility of assuring clarity. 


I flip my hair too much, drink my coffee black and scolding hot, wear uncomfortable shoes, and listen to too much Beyoncé. I'm scared of only two things in this world; flying, and completely centered formats. In my experience I’ve learned I need to design, and I hope to make an effect great enough so that design needs me.


Code Peter

When a designer and developer create.

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Doc Box

Tooth care from dentists who know the drill.

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Redesign of lease guaranteeing.

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The product of smart travel.

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A protesters social media.

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Future Thespians

A brand for brand new theater students.

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Pink Honey

Show more by showing less.

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Introducing speaking toys to the App Store.

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